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Breakout Sessions

June 6
9:30 AM

Building Your Team and Retaining Talent

Jill Biggs, Dawn McKenna
Moderated by Camy Walton

Room: Santa Monica

You are your own brand.  Your team is a representation of all you do.  What are you doing to add the best talent in the industry?  And what are you doing to support the agents that keep your business going?  Do you have a dedicated team member for social media and marketing?  Find out how to build your team appropriately and what you need to do to retain your top talent.

Battling Lack of Inventory

Frank Isoldi, Dano Sayles,
Danny Hertzberg
Moderated by Lindsay Listanski

Room: Los Angeles 

Lack of inventory is a problem in every region.  We’re battling with this day in and day out.  Hear from agents in multiple regions to learn what they are doing to change the narrative, differentiate themselves amongst the competition, and tackle this problem head on. 

Market Updates From Around the World

Joyce Rey, Ricardo Rodriguez,
Roger Pettingell, Laurent Demeure,
Aylin Pelin Onar, Steve Gottlieb
Moderated by Jamie Duran

Room: Beverly Hills

We often can't keep up with the data, as it's changing constantly.  And do numbers really tell the whole story?  Hear market updates in real time from select regions around the world with relevant information and data that matter most.

The Blockchain Broker: The Future of Your Business

Danielle Garofalo
Room: Constellation 1&11

Blockchain, NFTs, Crypto and the Metaverse. You've heard of them, but what are they and how can you be ahead of the next wave of innovation.  Is the future entirely digital?

Overcoming Obstacles in a Surprisingly Rapid Changing Market

Frank Isoldi, Dawn McKenna,
Ricardo Rodriguez
Moderated by Bob Hamrick

Room: Santa Monica

We have all enjoyed the somewhat surprising “Pandemic-Bounce” our luxury market has experienced and now, once we’ve gotten a little comfortable, we are undergoing another market shift! Join three of our networks Seasoned Top Producers as they respond to questions relating to Pricing, Value Proposition, Managing Client Expectations, Competition and Responding to a Changing Market during this information-packed and fast-paced session!

Engage in Public Relations

Roni Boyles
Room: Beverly Hills

Unapologetically promote yourself, your luxury business and learn key tips and tricks to engage with local media in your own market. In this session, you will learn what is newsworthy, what media and reporters want from you, how you can work with the Public Relations department to promote yourself and your listings, and how you can elevate your luxury image and take your business to the next level using media, in all of its forms.

Globalizing Your Business

Laurent Demeure and Kaitlin McMurdo
Room: Los Angeles

Working with buyers from around the world poses new challenges, from communicating effectively with ESL clients, understanding cultural nuances, and creating a brand that speaks to global buyers.  Hear from our Coldwell Banker France & Monaco CEO, Laurent Demeure  on what you need to know when dealing with international clients, and how you can turn your client base from national to global.

Everyone is a VIP

Debra Johnston, Judy Zeder,
Danny Hertzberg
Moderated by Michelle Walsh

Room: Constellation 1&11

Dealing with celebrity clientele requires extra steps.  From privacy, pocket listings, business managers - the list goes on.  And it's not only celebrity clientele - everyone is a VIP.  Hear from Danny Hertzberg, Judy Zeder, and Debra Johnston about breaking down the barriers to celebrity clientele and what's required to keep your VIP clientele feeling like VIPs.

June 6
10:45 AM

June 6
1:15 PM

Strengthening Referrals

Francois Carriere, Gail Roberts, Tim Smith,
Gary Gold
Moderated by Jennifer Lind

Room: Los Angeles 

You’re part of the greatest network of agents in the world. What are you doing to build your network to increase referrals?  Are you seeking other avenues to drive business?  How are you staying top of mind in your sphere of influence and strengthening referral relationships across the globe?  Moderated by Jennifer Lind, hear from top agents in California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts to gain national perspective on the most critical element of your business.

Enhancing your Digital Presence

Anne Colvin
Room: Constellation 1&11

Mastering digital marketing and social media can be overwhelming, yet these are crucial components in strengthening your overall personal brand. So, how do you convey your desired message, build your following, and maintain your authenticity among a sea of agents online? Anne Colvin with Luxury Presence shares the top shifts to make in your digital marketing strategy to amplify your online presence.

Social Media in the Luxury Space

Danielle Garofalo
Moderated by Lindsay Listanski

Room: Santa Monica

Let’s go beyond posting pictures and graphs.  How do you leverage your social media to win listings and negotiate price reductions?  Working with high end clientele, how do you protect their privacy?  Even more, which platforms deserve your time and attention?  Hear from Danielle Garofalo, voted in the top 100 most influential people in real estate about the do's, don'ts, and what you need to do to maintain authenticity in your messaging.

The Intersection Between New Developments and Resales

Frederick Peters, Shlomi Reuveni
Moderated by Steven Goldschmidt

Room: Beverly Hills

There are two sides to NYC real estate. The development side and the brokerage side. What are the differences in taking buyers to new developments versus traditional resales in terms of negotiating, timing, issues, and details?  What do you need to know to master the differences?

The Year of the Global Purchaser

Randy Chavers, Phillip Hendrix,
Daveed Hollander
Moderated by Kaitlin McMurdo

Room: Beverly Hills

U.S. Buyers have been investing in second homes all over the world, and that has especially been the case in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. Hear from three of our Coldwell Banker Global Masters as they discuss the influx of U.S. buyers in their regions, working with referrals from our U.S. agents, and what you need to know about these markets.

The Intersection of Design and Technology in Luxury Homes

Erinn Valenchich, Arin Der,
Dion Der, Ron Woodson
Moderated by Laura Eckstein

Room: Santa Monica

This expert panel will focus on how technology is incorporated (and celebrated) in the design process for luxury homeowners across the United States and around the world. The panel, which includes leaders in design, retail, architecture and more, will dive deep into how technology can positively change the face of design for luxury homeowners.

Creative & Luxury - The Interview

Rob Siltanen 
Moderated by David Marine

Room: Los Angeles

The brain behind Apple’s “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” ad from the renowned Think Different campaign also happens to be one of the driving forces behind the Coldwel Banker Global Luxury design. Coldwell Banker CMO, David Marine, sits down with award-winning President & Chief Creative Officer from Siltanen and Partners, Rob Siltanen for an exclusive Q&A. Siltanen has done branding and advertising work for luxury cars, brands and has even been interviewed by Oprah (twice!) for his creative work. Join this session to learn about how great branding, creative and design can produce tangible results even with the most scrupulous of clientele.

June 6
2:30 PM

June 6
3:45 PM

International Matchmaking

You are part of the greatest network of agents. Now, meet agents in regions that are most relevant to your business for referrals, feeder markets, and more. Each region is covered, East Coast and Central, West Coast and Hawaii, and International, with a refreshing cocktail to enjoy, while gaining additional connects before we depart for the Academy Museum, by visiting each room.

East & Central Regions

Room: Santa Monica

West Coast & Hawaii

Room: Beverly Hills


Room: Constellation I & II

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